Saturday, March 27, 2010

Giving Peas Another Chance

I've been sort of off the wagon on baby food preparation lately. Joseph's been more interested in finger foods, so he's been eating a lot of cooked chicken, hummus on crackers, banana, and yogurt. He is/was teething so he just really wasn't eating very much (but nursing more).

Now things seem to be picking up again, so I decided to do some ice cube trays of food today. I'd cooked and mashed some sweet potato the other day, so I put that up. I had also turned some apples into sauce and froze that into cubes as well. Then I figured I'd try to get some more green veggies in again. We've been seriously lacking on that score, unless you count avocado. I cooked up a bag of frozen peas and gave Joseph a few since he was eating dinner. He gobbled them right up! So I gave him a bunch more, and he ate them all before eating his other food! He didn't really care for whole peas before, so I was seriously impressed.

I also got a tip from my friend Cate that her son, Jackson, loves chicken sausage with apple. I was at Publix yesterday and saw them (Chicken with maple syrup and apple) so I grabbed a package. Oh my goodness those things are GOOD. Joseph liked them, and I have to make myself not eat them all before he gets them!

He's also enjoying mango, melon, oranges, and kiwi as of late. I'm so excited that yummy stuff is showing back up in the stores! I can't wait for strawberry season.


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