Monday, March 15, 2010

Learning Words!

Today I put three toys in front of him - Sophie the Giraffe, Harry the Dirty Dog, and the Duck. I said, "Joseph, where is the duck? Quack quack says the duck." Can you believe he picked up the duck? Then I put another toy out so there were three again and said "Joseph, where is the dog? Woof woof says the dog." And he picked up the dog! Holy cow! I tried it again with Sophie, but it didn't work. So I don't know if he just got lucky twice, but I prefer to think he's immensely smart.

He also sort of "meow'd" at the Purple Cat in "Brown Bear" today. He loves seeing cats. I think it's because of Auntie Debbie's cat, Katsa. He was terrified of her at first, but they became best buds (well, not sure if she reciprocated the love).

I had no idea he could do pick out what I say, I just randomly tried today. So far as I knew the only time he understood me was when I made the sign for milk, said "do you want some milk", and let my breast hang out of my shirt. That always gets his attention!


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