Sunday, March 14, 2010

Turning Circles

So, after struggling (and talking, and struggling) all weekend with this weight gain thing, I've decided that the whole thing is ridiculous. Sure, he's small. Maybe there is even something "wrong". However, I'm not going to try to solve it by feeding the poor child cake and ice cream. Yes, that's what I resorted to today before I decided that it was ridiculous. And he didn't even want it.

I cannot make my child eat. All I can do is provide him with healthy, nutritious, and hopefully tasty food that he'll WANT to put in his mouth, and make those as calorie dense as possible. So while I will no longer be trying to sneak tahini into his yogurt (that went over like a lead balloon) and cajole him into eating chocolate cake and ice cream (seriously - he is his father's child. No kid like me would refuse that!) I will add a little more of it to hummus, put some butter or olive oil in veggies, etc... as well as try to give him less "empty" stuff like oat circles.

If he isn't where the pediatrician wants him to be in a month, then we can consider doing some testing to rule out things like allergies or celiac disease. And also get a second opinion.

The end. For now. ;) Thanks for all the support, T.J. and I appreciate it!


Renee March 15, 2010 at 10:08 AM  

i think you are dead-on! we have a good friend who went through this very same thing. he little boy is now three and guess what---he's small. just small. that's all. not unhealthy, not delayed, just a peanut. i'm hoping that's the case with joseph, but i think you are on the right track for now whatever it is. way to trust your instincts, mama!

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