Thursday, May 27, 2010


Joseph and I went strawberry picking yesterday. I've been waiting patiently for several weeks for a nice day that coincided with ripe berries, and finally got it after about a month! We went to Harry Stacy Farms in Dallas, GA. Their berries aren't certified organic, but they don't use pesticide and that was my main concern. Strawberries are at the top of the dirty dozen list of foods you should eat organic. I really try to avoid the dirty dozen in conventional farming, and I refuse to pay over $3/pint for strawberries, so I've been itching to get my hands on a strawberry this year. I don't know why it took so much longer for the organic stuff to come into the grocery stores, but they just now are getting down in price, and the conventional have been rock bottom for several weeks. Such is life.

Anyway, strawberry picking was a lot more work than I thought it'd be, and Joseph wasn't a huge fan as he just had to sit in the stroller most of the time. He did great though considering that I left his food AND toys in the car. Bad Mama.

After we picked our fill of strawberries, we got to see some chickens - and scored a dozen farm-fresh eggs - in addition to our 2 gallons of strawberries!

They are so delicious, they were worth the drive (50 min each way) to Harry Stacy and the work (over an hour of picking). We ate 1/2 gallon yesterday alone! Joseph is apparently a big fan of strawberries. I think he ate a pint yesterday. Today I tried to give him a little at a time, but he probably ate about the same amount again. He knows the good stuff!

Today we cleaned and hulled the other 1.5 gallons, and I made a batch of freezer jam. I still have a pretty good sized bucket, and I want to turn that into a strawberry rhubarb crisp tomorrow.

I had to bribe him with car keys to get him to stay quiet.

Oooh, chickens! Why do they say "cluck cluck" for Old MacDonald,
but "Bawk Bawk" when you see them in real life?

Mmmm, mom, why do we eat anything else? Seriously.
What is the meaning of life? Is the answer in the keys?


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