Friday, May 7, 2010

Traveling DomerBaby

Last week we went to Rosemary Beach, FL with our friends Sara and Mike and their daughter, Megan, who is Joseph's age. Sara organizes my super-awesome mom's group, so we spend a lot of time together already. It was great to spend time as a couple; besides getting fun adult time, 4 adults vs. 2 kids makes things easy!

We spent some time at the beach (Joseph didn't think much of the sand, but he liked watching everyone else play), some time in the pool, and lots of time just relaxing. It was a great vacation.

Joseph did well in the car - it's a 7 hour drive from Atlanta, and he was a real champ. We did the first ride at night which worked out since he could sleep most of the way. The ride home was more challenging for him, but we stopped a few times and let him stretch his legs and he did ok then, too.

Some day Joseph will appreciate such nice attention!
Getting the hang of the sun and sand
Trapped! Guess we know where Megan gets her hugging from!
Daddy even enjoyed the beach since he had Joseph to hang out with!
Building castles
Is there anything more fun than a cell phone? Not in Joseph's world.

PS. Check out the map at the bottom of the blog - Joseph's hit 12 states already!


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