Sunday, November 28, 2010

FO: Knit-a-palooza

We had intended this weekend to be full of house projects, but since we did not close on time (grr) I turned my attention to more noble pursuits: finishing my baby-knit list.

Unless you are new to the blog or have short-term memory loss, you know that I had about 487 new babies to knit for this year. OK, slight exaggeration. But my excel spreadsheet (yes I know, nerd) shows 16 babies. Good grief!

I've spent nearly the entire year behind on baby knitting. Luckily I aim for larger sizes, so hopefully no one will receive a too-small item. (If you do, just jam it on them for 30 seconds and send me a photo! I'll never be the wiser!)

The good thing about these nature-imposed deadlines is that I really improved my knitting this year and had tons of fun with new friends. My knitting looks better than ever! The sad news is that I had to give it all away! So I'm declaring 2011 the year of knitting [mostly] for me (and my men)!

Without further adieu, here's all of my progress from this weekend!

Snug little sweater for Miss Shelby (needs buttons still)

Flirty Cloche for Clara
Still need to sew on the flower...

Cable pom hat for Baby Roberts
Baby Tate's faux cable hat
In the works... an eyelet sweater for Emma


MeeMaw November 28, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

Love the eyelet sweater, I think
it's the prettiest pattern you have
knitted so far !!!!!!!

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