Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Date

Joseph and I went out to breakfast on Friday to The Flying Biscuit. It's a GREAT place to bring kids. Food comes out fast, there is lots to look at, and they have crayons, of course.

We had a delicious breakfast, and Joseph did awesome. He played with the crayons, drove his cars around the table a bit, and had fun looking at all the big trucks zooming by outside. He used his manners and did not break any plates by banging his fork (which has happened at home). He even ate a fair amount of food! Success all around.

Mama draws the best shapes

"Dah" = Green Triangle, don'cha know.

"Oh, look, another truck! I think that makes is 537 now"

Can't you just hear him saying "ooooh wooooow"


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