Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have I mentioned how dang CUTE Joseph is?

Probably not, as everyone is now referring to him as the toddler terror. Ha!

Here are some adorable things he's been doing:

1) When he's nervous around other people, he'll squeeze his eyes shut so he can't see them (and presumably, they can't see him!)

2) He laughs when he burps (or farts) and has been trying to make himself burp

3) He's sitting in his crib right now having a conversation with his Seahorse. NOT crying. OMG.

4) He can touch his head, shoulders, knees, and toes (though not fast enough to go along with the song)

5) He loves giving his bears and babies hugs and kisses

6) Whenever he sees something exciting he says "Ooooh Wow!" That's about 10,468 times per day.

7) Helped pick up toys at storytime yesterday without making a new mess

8) Helps me do dishes (or at least, squish bubbles)

9) Helped clean up his [purposefully] spilled milk

10) Gives me kisses on request - always followed by an unsolicited hug!


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