Wednesday, October 12, 2011

38 week prenatal

Last week I was excited to report that the doctor's office had me DOWN a pound.  The next day I went to see our midwife, and she had me up SIX pounds.  I was incredulous and told her that her scale sucked.

Well, the doctor's office scale caught up with hers this week.  Boo hiss.

In other news, my feet resemble paddles they are so fat and swollen, but my blood pressure is still great, and I don't have any other signs of pre-e, so I'm blaming it on being 38 weeks pregnant.  It happens.  That's probably where those 6 pounds are sitting.

Baby girl is doing great - kicking like crazy.  We are getting excited to meet her!  Hopefully she won't make us wait until November.


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