Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Last Few Weeks as a Famiy of Three (In pictures)

I don't feel like doing separate posts for all that we've been up to, so here's a highlight reel of the last couple of weeks!

Mama got a new lens for her camera!  You can see what it does here... it's focal length is fixed and it can "stop down" really low, so it's great for shooting in low light (i.e. indoors).  However, you have to be careful how low you go (and how close you get), otherwise you end up with fuzzy ears and chins!

Joseph got a $1 store balloon.  Not exactly the equivalent gift, but he likes it just as much.  
He picked it out himself.
Last weekend we went to an art festival that my friend is in charge of.  We had a great time at the children's area, playing with hoola hoops and looking at the puppies from the shelter.
We went to the park for a birthday party for one of Joseph's friends
We watched a little bit of Sesame Street
We went to the zoo.  Grrr!
We celebrated Daddy's birthday - I even taught Joseph to sing Happy Birthday in only 2 days!  He's not too bad at it, either.  Now he wants to know whose birthday it is ever day - 
I think because that means he gets cupcakes!
We had a "Prom Playdate" at our house.  It was adorable.  (for the record, there were supposed to be more older boys - Joseph wasn't trying to shut down all the other gentlemen!)
We went to a pumpkin patch with my mom's group.  It was amazing.  
Joseph rode the cow train (twice!)
Sat on all of the tractors
Ran around in the pumpkin patch
Visited with his friends
Galloped on the horse
We also took a hay ride, fed some farm animals, watched a chain saw artist, saw a pig race, watched people shoot corn cannons, and rode pedaled "go carts".  Mama beat Joseph and Daddy, despite her huge belly hindering her.  It was a tough race!  I think the only part we missed was the corn maze... but it was naptime!

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks - a great way to end our stint as a family of three.  Baby Girl, we're ready for you!


Deb October 23, 2011 at 3:44 PM  

you guys have so much fun!!!! love it.

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