Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A First in Pregnancy!

I'm pleased to report that for the first time in almost 2 whole pregnancies I have LOST weight between appointments!  Now, don't go all BSC on me.  I'm up 35lbs for this pregnancy.  Believe me, I can take it.  I think it's not too uncommon to lose a little at the end either, for SOME women.  Never thought I'd be in that category, though!

I have no explanation for it, except perhaps I ate too  much salt before the last appointment so I was retaining water.

Everything is fine with the baby, as well.  Heartbeat is good, she moves lots, and my blood pressure is still super low.

I celebrated by going to Moe's.  Joseph even ate most of the innards of his taco (a rarity)!


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