Saturday, April 11, 2009

It wasn't gas!

We have been enjoying fleeting smiles over the last day. They are rare, and often crumple into frowns (I think he's still learning how to use the muscles) but they are REAL!

This morning we got a bunch and some coos, too, while we played Joseph and Mama's favorite game: "Kisses for Mama!" It is a very fun game, consisting of me kissing Joseph and then exclaiming "OH! Kisses for Mama!" over and over. Sometimes we do butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses, too. It is very exciting.

On another note, I am posting this from our new apartment! We're moving a few things in today to get a jump on unpacking, and someone has an open network. Yey! It only seems to work from the kitchen so far, but I'll take it for now until we get our utilities set


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