Monday, June 1, 2009

Joseph is 12 weeks old today!

It amazes me that if I were going back to work, it would likely have been today. I can't even imagine having to balance work, home, and family responsibilities right now. I'm really thankful that this is what we made work. Hat's off to the WOHM moms, I don't think I could hold it together.

PS. I'm still angry that women *have* to go back to legally be entitled to their jobs at 12 weeks. But I already wrote about that, so I'll leave that be.

Anyway... cool things about Joseph lately:

  • He rarely cries anymore. Basically when he's startled, sometimes when he needs to be fed or changed and we're slow, and most frequently (though it's happening less) when we are in the car.
  • He plays on his own. He will sit through a whole shower in his bouncer, hang out on his play mat during lunch, and lay next to us during dinner.
  • He plays on the internet. Ok, he sits with mama, but he loves to see me scroll through my google reader and email. He also loves pictures of other babies!
  • He's a chatter box - this kid is going to be a public speaker. He loves talking!
  • Everyone thinks he is "wise". It's frankly getting freaky how often people tell me he looks like an old soul. I'm starting to consider reincarnation as a possibility.
  • He loves to face outwards - we enjoyed a trip around the grocery store today like that, and he was so enthralled! It really exhausted him, though. All the people, colors, and smells I suppose.


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