Monday, August 17, 2009

Retiring the KL0s (and a stash update)

Joseph made it over 5 months with the KL0 diapers (some sort of record, believe me!). They are the "newborn" size of Kissaluvs - most people I've talked to use them 2, maybe 3 months max. Mommy thanks Joseph for sticking with them for so long! You saved us tons of money.

Sometime next week I'm planning to strip, boil, and sun them all before storing. I just want to make sure they are 100% clean for #2.

STOP RIGHT THERE. Don't even go thinking that #2 is coming soon. You are living in lalaland. DomerBabyII will not be arriving for years.

So here's the update for you CD'ers. Joseph is about 14lbs and 26 inches. He's a total string bean. Now we're onto bigger things - right now we have a hodge podge of diapers -

  • 12 yellow-edge prefolds, which I'm still folding down so they have lots of life left
  • 3 happy hempy diapers - love these for nighttime!
  • 4 cricketts - these aren't my fav because there are not enough snaps in my opinion. I think I'm just spoiled from my B4's. I did find that you can unsnap the soaker and then fold the top down, and use the inside soaker snaps to make the diaper smaller. Maybe I'm slow on the uptake on that one.
  • 3 Bububebe (B4's) - Goodness I love these. I could happily have an entire diapering stash of them and nothing else. But that'd be $$$.
  • 4 "old style" cricketts - I have no idea how old these are, but they are not terry, they are jersey cotton and have rainbow surging. They do the job, but are nothing to write home about.
  • A few random diapers - a happy heiny (eh), a drybees (eh), an organic diaper I can't remember the name of (it's just ok), and a Sandies (I like this, but it needs a doubler).
We also have several covers in the rotation:
  • 2 thirsties (small)
  • 2 thirsties (medium) - for overnights
  • 1 motherese (medium) - day and overnights
  • 1 bummis snap (small)
  • 1 imse vimse (newborn! almost grown out though)
  • 1 prowrap (small)
  • 3 fabulous wool covers from my bff Teresa, including a pair of longies that I cannot express my love for. I cannot WAIT for fall/winter to get more use out of it, and I'm planning to knit a pair myself!
Thirsties and wool are my favs, though I surprisingly like the motherease. It has side snaps, which is sort of annoying, but they have leg and waist adjustment which is nice. I can use it day and night.

I don't plan to buy any more diapers right now, what we have is more than enough for our every-other-day wash schedule.


lovinmyirishman August 17, 2009 at 6:42 PM  

I really want to but my daugther in cloth diapers but dont know where to start really. She is so so tiny right now all the ones I have seen are HUGE got any advice of where to start?
Thanks so much

Jen August 17, 2009 at 9:54 PM  

Sure, I would try the Kissaluv Size Zero's, Bum Genius All-in-one in size XS, or Green Mountain Diapers prefolds in the newborn (orange edge).

The prefolds and Kissaluvs both would need covers (I liked prowraps in the newborn stage), while the Bum Genius are all put together and work exactly like disposables. If you get prefolds, you want to buy a "snappi" as well (instead of pins). Cost wise, prefolds are cheapest, then kissaluvs, then the bum genius. You can buy used on email me if you want more info, that's just the very very basics! jenmonnn at gmail dot com.

babysimo August 19, 2009 at 6:56 PM  

Careful about saying # 2 isn't off for a while- - now that you said it the second DomerBaby may arrive sooner than you expected :-) Did you hear we are expecting #3! We just had a great ultrasound. Due date: March 15th.

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