Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crunchy Knitting

Ya'll know that I'm a knitter, as I'm always AW'ing my FO's on my blog. And you also know that I'm a bit granola. Well, it turns out that the two go together quite well! I discovered this super awesome blog a few weeks back. Basically, the girl goes thrift store shopping for wool garments that she can repurpose for things like longies and soakers, toys, etc... anything you might make from felted wool.

She also picks up sweaters that are froggable (you can riiiiip-it back to reuse the yarn), which is what I'm most interested in right now. I just bought four sweaters to frog... I'm most excited about a 100% CASHMERE sweater (Ann Taylor) and 100% merino (Brooks Brothers) as I know their quality is quite good. I also got two generic "100% wool" sweaters (Abercrombie and JCrew) that I am sure are pretty decent, too. The best part is that I paid $40 total for all four of them, and they must have some decent yardage as they are adult sized sweaters. These should make some kick-ass projects for a song!

Does it get any better? Inexpensive, recycled, and high quality. Yey!


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