Sunday, August 22, 2010

Puddle Jumping!

Joseph and I hit the Piedmont Park Green Market on Saturday while T.J. went golfing. We took the train to midtown and walked to the park, then checked out all the vendors. We ended up getting some pastured eggs, grass fed beef, and organic figs! Yum.

After that we settled into a table so Joseph could eat some breakfast, after which I let him wander about. He was the hit of the market! He was just walking in circles in his toddling little way... it was seriously adorable. Of course there were scores of dogs, which got him all excited.

We watched the crepe guys make crepes (after that I was *obligated* to buy one!) and went and watched a local band perform, which Joseph really seemed to enjoy.

In between all of that, he even found a puddle! Sorry for the poor image quality - use your imagination.


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