Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun Toys!

Once upon a time, I thought we'd have a house with a few wooden or homemade toys that DomerBaby would magically play with for hours and hours at a time.

Then Joseph arrived, and so did reality. :) We have LOTS of plastic stuff that require batteries. And that's OK, really. Joseph enjoys working them and playing with them, and they are lots of fun. But I still get a thrill when he shows interest in a hand made or old school toy.
He was getting pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of toys we have, so I put the majority into a cabinet and I take a couple out every day for him to play with. He seems to play much better with just a few things out, and switching it all up gives him time to enjoy what he has. Plus there is actually room for him to run around and push his larger toys now that he's walking exclusively.

The other day I pulled out "Boo Bear" and he was ecstatic! Tante Teresa made Boo Bear for Joseph last spring, and I'm tickled pink that he's taking an interest in it!

I picked up the bubble popper at a consignment store because it's so old school, and at first he was a bit weary of it, but it's really grown on him! He loves to push it around.

He's not quite as interested in finger paints yet, though.


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