Tuesday, August 10, 2010

High-Cal Food Chronicles: Super Charged Yogurt

The Cast of Characters:

Trader Joe's European Style Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Powdered Whole Milk (found in the Mexican aisle at the grocery store)

Banana (usually 1/2 - I give Joseph the other half to eat while I prepare the yogurt)

There's no real science to this one... just dump in the desired amount. We use approximately:

1/2 C yogurt
2 T powdered milk
1/2 smashed up banana

This is about 200 calories and 8 g fat! Not a bad start to the day! Sometimes he'll even eat some scrambled egg to go with it.

And while I'm at it, I cannot believe that the organic yogurt brands add sugar to their baby yogurts (Yobaby, I'm talking about you!). Frankly, adding the fruit should be enough, but if it does need extra sweetness, I like to be able to control the amount that goes in myself, which is why I've always just made it from plain. Sometimes I add vanilla and/or agave nectar to get vanilla yogurt, as he seems to like that a lot.

The ladies at LLL last week said that he looked chunkier this month, but there isn't a marked difference on our scale at home. The doctor did actually call T.J. last week to see if we had any questions, but I haven't called him back yet. I'm very pleasantly surprised that he followed up like that. Totally unexpected.


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