Friday, June 10, 2011

20 Week Appointment and Belly Pic

We had 2 prenatals this week plus the ultrasound (I know, I still owe you pictures from that), so it was a very baby-centered week. Maybe that's why I've been feeling like I already have two kids in terms of workload?

I forgot to mention from the ultrasound that my placenta is anterior and to my left side - safe for delivery, but a PITA for trying to get a heartbeat using a fetoscope rather than a doppler, as that is where you generally find baby, and it's like getting a heartbeat through a pillow. I'll have to decide later what to do about that if they still have trouble with the fetoscope. I guess if they can't get it on the fetoscope I'll just have to use the doppler, but I hate to be using it twice a month. I'd still prefer to avoid excessive use of the doppler, but it's important to get good heart rates to make sure the baby is safe in there.

Here's a belly picture... I was not really in a great mood yesterday (or all this week, frankly), and I think the picture reflects that. I'm trying to smile more today - fake it till I make it. Hopefully this little bout of blues goes away quickly, otherwise I guess that's just another thing we'll have to address at my next prenatal.


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