Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Morning!

One of the things I enjoy the most about this part of pregnancy is that I can reliably lie down at night or roll over in the morning and Baby Girl will greet me with a little kick! It's hard to focus too much on the pregnancy during the day (besides the negative physical aspects) while attending to Joseph, so I'm enjoying out special little time together when all is quiet. I can't wait until T.J. can share it with us, but with my placenta in front, it might be a while longer.

Meanwhile, Joseph has become more pleasant most mornings, too! He would always cry to alert us that he was awake, which I started to really resent when we were traveling and were in the SAME ROOM as him and he could just say "Mama, Daddy, I'm awake". Luckily my most excellent mom's group suggested that I actually *tell* him to say that when he woke up. Duh, Jen. At first I didn't think it'd work or that he'd remember, but it did - very quickly and most of the time. I wonder what other good works I can use this method for? Potty training? Play date meltdown prevention? Hmm...

He also often wakes up talking about rhinos and elephants and meercats - all of his favorite animals that the zoo! I'm not sure if he dreams about them, or is telling his stuffed animals how he went to see them, or if he just likes to talk to himself! But it's ridiculously cute to wake up to in the morning!

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! Wake up!

Pretending to sleep in Mama and Daddy's bed is a fun game.

Wake Up!


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