Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gifts Galore!

Last weekend when we were up in Chicago, Teresa and Taylor showered DomerBaby with cute gifts. And they even fit in my little suitcase (good job, ladies!)

From Taylor, we received a bedtime bathset: a bathrobe, slippers, and burp clothes in "soapasaurus" - the hood even has little stegasaurus plates! so cute! I can't wait to give DomerBaby a bath and wrap him/her all up in that (and take a picture, of course!

Teresa's been hard at work knitting and sewing for DomerBaby. You know, in all her spare time while she moved to Japan! Apparently knitting helps when she's stressed, which explains the plethora of items I know have!

She made two sweaters - one in cream and green, and the other in an orange/yellow/white. I love that DomerBaby already has a versatile wardrobe! Who says you have to just use pastels?

She did a "sea themed" wool soaker in turquoise with fishes on the bum (awwww). The soaker goes over a cloth diaper as a waterproof cover - they are extra nice because the diaper "breathes" better than with a PUL (polyeurathane laminate) cover.

Finally, she surprised us with a gorgeous white blanket that I'm already terrified to touch, much less put DomerBaby on!

I'm sure I'll get over that eventually... I guess when DomerBaby is born and I'm brainwashed into thinking that the baby is prettier than anything it may poop/puke/pee on! Teresa assures me it's machine washable.

So thank you ladies! We really appreciate it!

And thanks to everyone else who has given us gifts so far... I didn't have the energy to take pictures of everything we've received, but I'm starting to see how babies take up so much room! Eek!


Debbie September 13, 2008 at 11:50 AM  

The gifts are too cute! I love the dinosaur so much! And I can't believe how awesome Teresa is at knitting! Seriously puts my blanket to shame...not that it's ever going to get finished ;-)

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