Friday, January 6, 2012

He likes it, he really likes it!

Well, Joseph started preschool this week.  ::Tear::

Rabidly Excited for School
or: "Mom, could you not even get it together enough to get me a haircut?"

We enrolled him in a local Montessori school, and he's going Wednesday through Friday from 9-11.  Not too long, but long enough to be away from Mama and get some learnin' done.  And hopefully long enough for Mama to run some errands and get groceries! 

For posterity, here is the play by play:

Wednesday: They start the day by hanging up their coats (Montessori is big on real life type work), and they had to coax pretty hard to get him to take it off - they ended up doing it for him (all of this i just saw through the one-way mirror window at the door).  Then he went and played w/ the farm because there were two tractors for about 45 min, before they were able to get him to try something else (he did some stickers on paper).  Then he went on his own to do play dough, and after that back to the tractors before circle time.  He seemed happy to go to circle time, probably because we'd been coaching him that after circle time I'd be waiting for him).  Then it was time to get his coat and go!  I think he had fun, though he did have some near-tears sad faces during the first hour.  I just stayed in the hall for the whole time, since by the time I felt OK to leave I'd have had about 15 min at home before turning around to go back.

Thursday: In the hallway he knew what was coming, and he did not want to go in.  I encouraged him and he did go, but he started bawling when they took his coat off.  ::sob::  I felt so terrible.  I wanted to race in there and hug him, but of course I couldn't (no really, the door is locked on the outside!  Hahaha).  So I just watched and cried, too.  I waited until he was OK and playing with the tractors (of course) and then went home.  I got laundry in the wash and some dishes done.  Haha.  Preschool is so much fun for moms!  Yeah right!  I went back early to peak in, but they were already in circle time in the back of the room.  I did hear him crying :(  but it turned out that he just bumped heads with another little girl and that set him off.  He was happy when he came out, but upset that he did not get to wash his hands (they have a hand-washing station to use before eating a snack - he'd been refusing the snack).  He talked about the "accident" for a while, but said he liked school.

Friday: Today was the worst drop off yet for him, but best for me.  He started crying in the hall with me, which was much easier for me than when he was "alone" in the class.  The teacher had to carry him in, poor guy.  A few moms invited me out to breakfast with them (they go every Friday) so I went with them.  I only had a tiny moment of guilt!  I had a good time, and it turned out that Joseph did, too!  He came out of class laughing and smiling today!  We went outside and he ran around with his classmates for a few minutes before we headed home.

I think he's REALLY going to enjoy school.  And I think I'll like it, too.  It's kind of hard to do grocery shopping with both Joseph and Nora (especially when it's snowy or rainy - trying to get them both in and out quickly, get Joseph in the cart with wet/muddy boots while wearing Nora, etc...).  So school will be a good time to do that and other errands - or get a cup of tea on Fridays with the ladies!

Relaxing at home with Nora - Holding hands was his idea!

Mama happy to be with Joseph and Nora
or: "Joseph, Mama can't even comb her hair and put on makeup, a haircut is too much to ask"
or: "Jen, close up that lens, and then you won't have these self-portrait focus issues, 
though that is a lovely shot of your pillow"


Jen January 9, 2012 at 3:25 PM  

Aw, it must be such an adjustment to start going to school, for you both! Glad it's going well!

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