Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tales from the Potty

Joseph has learned to pee if we sit him on the potty.  Thi is good - very good.  But he doesn't tell you in advance yet.  The other day, he did a #2.  This is even better.  I'd change pee diapers forever, but I almost threw up last week.  I'M ready, even if he's not.

Today, I changed him after his nap - he had a heavy diaper.  He used the potty then, too.  Then he was very insistant that he wanted to put on Thomas underwear.  I say OK, since he must be pee'd out anyway, right?  He picked the red ones - James the Red Engine.

We literally got down to the kitchen and he's yelling "I pooped on James!"

Haha.  No, but he did pee on him.  how he had more in him?  I don't know.  Oh well.

If I'm lucky he'll be in underwear by summer.  I'm not even saying his birthday... that's only a month and a half away!

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