Monday, January 23, 2012

Sometimes, no news is good news

Even the first born milestones take a back seat if they don't make a big show about it...

Joseph got all of his molars!  I did notice several months ago that one was starting to come in, but after that I'd only sort of half-heartedly look for them (it's not that easy to peek that far back in a toddler's mouth - and I'd hate to waste the cooperative time without a toothbrush in there!).  Well, tonight I asked Daddy to count, and he has all 20 teeth!  Either they came in easy, or we attributed the problems to something else.  I do remember him having a fever once (maybe right after Nora was born?)... but that's about it!

We're done with baby teeth for a month or so, and then we can start the process again! Ha!


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