Monday, September 1, 2008

Sewing Snafu

I *tried* to fire up the sewing machine yesterday, only to find that not only did my machine not come with a bobbin, but there are only 2 places in Atlanta where you can procure one! Good grief.

Of course, both of the places are open from 9-5 M-F, and short hours on Saturday. And we'll be out of town next weekend. Grr. Hopefully the dress I need to wear next weekend still fits, since my plan was to alter the dress for my burgeoning belly.

This isn't really baby related, except that I could also have started my baby sewing projects in coming weeks, but now I have to wait. Grr again!

Oh, and the hormones are going wack now. I was crying this morning for no good reason, and all I could think was this imaginary conversation I'd have to have if my coworker came in:

"What's wrong?"
"I'm upset."
"I don't knooooooow! [wail]"



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