Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I had intended to give Joseph avocado for a whole week before moving on to banana and then sweet potato. However, I used all the avocado for guacamole on Saturday, and then yesterday we got rained in, so I decided to give him some applesauce instead, since we had a jar of organic unsweetened lying around for baking.

He made the same face as with avocado (makes me laugh to think about it!) but he gagged less on it today. I also gave him a sippy cup to play with, which was pretty hilarious. He is absolutely obsessed with drinking apparatus. Cups, water bottles, beer bottles, wine glasses... it doesn't matter. The more it sweats, the better. And he throws "temper tantrums" when he can't fit the whole thing in his mouth or I take it back.

I'm hoping he'll get the hang of a sippy and/or straw soon. It'd give us more leeway with him, since he can take expressed breast milk that way then. He still has never really taken to the bottle. My child is kinda weird. But we all knew that.

"Weird? Me? Really?"


Debbie September 22, 2009 at 9:41 PM  

squee! Just a few more weeks...

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