Sunday, September 27, 2009

I *needed* it, so I got it.

The Baby Hawk, that is! I'm am beyond excited to receive this! It's a mei tai carrier - an Asian inspired carrier that consists of a square of fabric with "arms" and "legs" - you tie those around you and voila! Snug, happy baby! I love the pattern on this one, and it'll go w/ my brown stuff for fall. Convincing argument?

So with this addition, here's what we've got:

Moby: I still LOVE this wrap. It's almost like Joseph is back in my belly when I wear it. Now that it's a bit cooler, I've been using it a bit again, and Joseph is just snug as a bug in it. He loves it. Today I tried the back carry position, and did OK tying it for my first try, but I need to work on getting it tighter.

Ergo: This is my go-to carrier. It's quick, easy, and relatively cool. It is very backpacky and masculine, though. Joseph takes awesome (1.5-2 hour) naps in it on my back, and is such an observer when he's on my front out and about. If it was more stylish, I'd never want to own anything else. OK, that's not true, but I wouldn't *need* anything else!

Ring Sling: I got a solarveil (UV protection fabric) sling from Kim's Kreations on Etsy, and it is a great ring sling. I just don't really enjoy using them. They don't have the support at the waist that the other carriers have, and all the weight is on one shoulder. It was good for really hot days and when I didn't want to be so bulky, though.

Ellaroo Mei Hip: I have only tried this one a couple of times. I don't love it, yet, but I think I'll like it more as Joseph gets more independent. Right now we don't really care for hip carries.

I do love carriers with pockets - the ellaroo and ring sling don't have them and I definitely miss them. The moby doesn't have one, but you can tuck things into the crevices. If I had to choose just ONE, I'd go with the Ergo. If I could have 2, I'd add the moby.


Mary Beth September 27, 2009 at 7:41 PM  

This is great info...thanks for the reviews. I'm wanting a new carrier, and the one we have hurts my back and I don't like readjusting it when my husband uses it.

Stacy September 29, 2009 at 11:52 PM  

i loved my mei tai. used it from the time lucy was about 8 months old (and still tiny) until about 3 years. i love that i could ball it up and stuff it in a diaper bag. used it all the time as a back carrier when she got older, even used it on a long hike it supported us well. I had a ring sling (didn't love it), a bjorn (was "ok"), and tried a fleece pouch (not comfy for me). mei tai hands down... but beware the pocket, when you untie the straps to let the baby out, out drops everything from the pocket.

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