Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awesome things about Joseph

There are so many random things to share!

1) He is super good about getting his teeth brushed! I don't remember to do it 2x every day, but I'm trying to make it part of our schedule. I just forget a lot! Now that he has SIX teeth, I'm trying to put effort into it.

2) He's a baracuda. The kid chomps through everything. Board books? No problem. He can eat those like oatmeal. Special baby flip books that you inset your own pictures into? He's chewed through them all. Sippy cup? Special low-flow is gone. He chomped through the "valve". I'm pretty sure he's put holes in one of my sweatshirts. I caught him trying to gnaw on our coffee table today. Oy. The only thing it seems he doesn't gnaw on is me while nursing. So I'm cool with him eating everything else. Really, I am.

3) He made his second sign! (I think) I'm pretty sure that he signed for "more" puffs!

4) Speaking of puffs, more of them are making it into his mouth than the floor now. And he only gags and throws up about 1 out of every 3 meals while trying to eat them. Progress, eh?

5) He loves the bath! He likes to play with the turtle that takes the water temperature. He likes to play with the measuring cups (he figured out that he can make a great "bang" noise if he raps the side of the tub today). And of course, he likes to drink his bath water. So gross.

6) Speaking of gross, did you know that kids start trying to eat their own boogies so early? Me neither. Gag.

All in all, he's a brilliant, disgusting kid I guess!


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