Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joseph is 9 months old!

Wow! He's getting so big.

New tricks:
can scoot on his tummy to get objects out of reach
turns around on his belly in a circle
is starting to use tone and inflection in his voice
*may* have done his first sign (milk!)

He also likes to help mama with the laundry, throw food on the floor from his high chair, and play with his friends (i.e. take turns stealing each other's toys). He's strong enough to be on his hands and knees now, though he generally skips that in lieu of just catapulting himself onto his belly from a sitting position.

We've gone through a few rough days, due to some sickness and teething, but he's such a wonderful part of our lives. We're lucky to have him around.

I'm going to upload some photos in a separate post!


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