Friday, December 4, 2009

The WHEN, NOT IF Milestone

I've always known that Joseph's first fall off of a piece of furniture (bed, couch) was an inevitable milestone that we'd someday reach, no matter how careful we are. Well, it happened today.

It must have been fate though. T.J. got home from a few days in New York city last night and his suitcase was out this morning. I had my mom's group coming to our house so I was "cleaning". By cleaning, I mean I threw everything in our room - including the suitcase with all of his stuff in it still. It ended up on the floor at the foot of the bed - right where I change Joseph. So, as I went to wet a wipe down in the bathroom, I hear a little ::thud:: and a slight "distress" cry from Joseph. My heart drops and I book it back the three steps to the bed and see him sitting/laying between the bed and the suitcase. He wasn't even hurt - just pretty surprised to find himself down there half-naked!

Thank goodness he wasn't injured and seemed to have fallen (or flipped) so he hit butt-first.

Diaper changes will henceforth take place on the floor - or he'll be coming along with me to the bathroom for wipe-wetting and diaper-dunking.


babysimo December 14, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

Great visual. I remember the first time Siriana 'fell' off our bed, wherein she really just slipped between the headboard and the wall, but head first. She didn't even cry. Instead she was just very surprised. I couldn't help but laugh. That little rascal has been tumbling ever since. Good to hear your's didn't result in injuries either.

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